ANZO Online Store

Press Release The All-New ANZO Online Store KARACHI, 21st May 2018: ANZO Chemicals recently announced that the company had chosen as the platform from which launch their online store. The ANZO Hygiene and Cleaning Products Range is now available for purchase online for homes and institutions across Pakistan. ANZO Chemicals’ Chief Executive Mr. Zaki Ahmed Sharif stated that as a company centered around continuous improvement, it was imperative to positively change with the times. “Online purchasing is the future. In today’s fast moving world, single entity must work to improve themselves in their own areas of specialization. We, as manufacturers of high quality cleaning products, focus on ensuring that our quality of product(s) and service(s) remains unparalleled. Working with will allow us to reach a wider audience with ease, and the assurance of quality logistical partnership.” The ANZO Cleaning Products Store can be accessed by anyone across Pakistan to order a range of cleaning products for their everyday health and hygiene needs. As a quality-oriented company, ANZO Chemicals is delighted to be using the platform as one of its many consumer engagement areas. Customers interested in purchasing ANZO Hygiene and Cleaning Products can visit the store at .  About ANZO Chemicals Founded in 2010, ANZO Chemicals is the authorized dealer of Caustic Soda Liquid (50%) for Engro Polymers & Chemicals Ltd. The company is also a leading manufacturer of a wide range of hygiene and cleaning care products. ANZO Chemicals has built a steady loyal customer base by delivering unique, high quality and cost effective solutions to fulfill its mission of creating value and acting as a strategic asset to its clients. For more information of ANZO Chemicals and...

Launch of ANZO Cleaning Product Range

ANZO Chemicals is proud to announce the launch of its new, diverse range of cleaning products, under the umbrella name ANZO Care. We are proud to be the first Pakistani company to have such a wide range of top of the line cleaning products,